Alerta de bandera roja (clima propicio para incendios)

Alerta de bandera roja (clima propicio para incendios)

When warm weather, low humidity, and strong winds are predicted, the National Weather Service issues Red Flag Warnings. These circumstances greatly raise the possibility of a fire spreading quickly and the risk of fire danger.

Alerts and Warnings Current

There aren’t any Red Flag Warning emergencies happening in Sonoma County right now. In the event of a serious occurrence, however, this page will be updated with the most recent information.

A Red Flag Warning: What Is It?

When there is a red flag warning, it indicates that there are either severe fire weather conditions currently or soon. Extreme fire behavior can be caused by a confluence of warm temperatures, low relative humidity, and strong winds. To prevent unintentional fires, some activities should be avoided during these warnings.

Things Not to Do When There is a Red Flag Caution: Refrain from using power tools to mow dry grass. A grass fire can start with a spark from a blade striking a rock. This is especially risky on hot, dry, windy days.

Campfires: Avoid building campfires in wooded areas during times of high fire hazard by using charcoal or wood.

When smoking, make sure that all of your cigarettes and smoking accessories are well out of the way.

Parking on Grass: Avoid parking cars on dry grass since the heat from the undercarriage may burn the surrounding plants. Stop on paved roadways at all times.

Spark Arresters: To stop unintentional fires, use spark arresters on portable gasoline-powered equipment.

Maintaining vehicles properly will help to avoid roadside fires brought on by sparks or combustible debris being expelled from catalytic converters.

Trailer Chains: Take care to prevent sparks from forming from the trailer chains dragging on the ground.

Use of Firearms: Steer clear of firing firearms when there is a significant risk of fire.

Welding and Cutting Projects: Use utmost caution when using a flame or welding equipment.

Burning Plant Cuttings: On days when there is a high chance of fire, avoid burning plant cuttings.

The Value of Awareness
By being aware of and following these safety measures during a Red Flag Warning, communities can be shielded from destructive wildfires and accidental fires. Keep yourself updated about local weather conditions, and heed the advice of fire and local government officials at all times.

Keep a watch out for official advisories from the National Weather Service and local emergency management organizations for more specific details and updates. Be cautious to help stop wildfires by being cautious and prepared during Red Flag Warnings.