Top 5 SAP Modules List in Kolkata for 2024

Best SAP Modules Lists in Kolkata for 2024

SAP is ruling the business world. 94% of largest businesses around the globe are dependent on SAP Software. Not only those big ones, but SAP has also been beneficial for small to medium sized companies too.

To be very precise about the introduction of SAP- it is an application Software. System, Application & Products in data processing is the full form of SAP.

Considering the different sectors of business, SAP has been divided into various modules. You can get different ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions for Finance, HR, Logistics, Sales, Customer Relationship, etc. Based on your interest of job field, you can undergo a detailed course on particular SAP modules. Join the best SAP institute in Kolkata and fetch the most lucrative package job after completion.

Read this blog to know which SAP module is suitable for you. 

Modules of SAP training

  1. SAP FICO (Financial accounting)

This particular module of SAP is aimed for the automation of accounting in the finance industry. If you are already engaged with financial sector or want to join, a certified course on this module would surely help you.

SAP FICO has different components that are meant to optimize the various accounting operations:

  • SAP general ledger
  • SAP bank accounting
  • SAP fund management
  • SAP asset accounting
  • SAP accounts payable and receivable

You will cover all these components while undergoing the course from the best SAP institute in Kolkata.

  1. SAP HCM

Professionals engaged with Human resource or organizational management jobs can undergo this course. Freshers from HR background can acquire a better job with the SAP HCM module course.

HCM modules covers integrated training on automation software that helps in efficient operation. From managing core HR tasks to undergoing payroll legal report, HCM module is streamlining the entire organizational operations.

Check out the course content offered by the SAP training institutes.

  1. SAP PP

SAP PP caters to the needs of the production and planning in manufacturing industry. If you are eager to join this industry, surely a professional training on this module would help you. Automation of the various operations tasks like procurement, inventory management, and production planning can be efficiently be achieved.

If you are a fresher graduate or want to advance in mid-career, a certification course on SAP PP module would support a lot.


Do you want to develop SAP application and upgrade them?

Well then for you SAP ABAP is the perfect platform that is suitable for developers. Modification of the SAP applications and make them more personalized for business’s needs is what you are taught about.

  1. SAP MM

This is another module of SAP that punches your career into a vertical growth. It is all about material management and automating the various operational tasks. Warehouse and logistic management is one of its basic functionality that boost up the productivity at a reduced cost.

Any graduates or MBA can opt for this module. 


The above-mentioned modules of SAP are high demanding and can get you jobs easily. Besides, there are many more modules available that caters to different business needs. EME Academy offers the best SAP training in Kolkata by industry expert trainers. Even we have a track record of 100% placement from our academy to different MNCs. If it’s a turn-about time for you to advance in career, give it a chance and boost up!